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This set of six colourful dinosuar figures are perfect for little hands.

Stack, sort and play with these chunky wooden toy animals.

  • Suitable for age 10 months +

Wooden Dinosaurs - 6 Pieces

SKU: LK009
  • This set of 6 Dinosaurs:

    • are printed on both sides with a colourful design showing a natural wood grain edge
    • Includes a green T-Rex, a turquoise Diplodocus, a blue Stegosaurus, a yellow Saichania, a purple Triceratops and an orange Parasaurolophus
    • Are supplied in an informative box - an easy shape to wrap if a gift!
    •  Super chunky size - each dinosaur is 25mm thick
    •  Made from sustainably sourced rubber wood
    • Are perfect for small world play, story time and more.

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