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Your child or class can explore the Jurassic world and discover the secrets of this giant, prehistoric predator.

With this small world jumbo T-Rex toy as their trusty companion, they'll be ready to stomp the prehistoric landscape, hunt for snacks, and seek out the perfect spot to rest with their new beastie.

Made of soft, durable rubber and filled to the brim with fluffiness, this jumbo T-Rex toy is not only fun to play with, but also incredibly detailed. Kids will have hours of fun discovering all the textures and features on this T-Rex, including its textured skin, sharp teeth and T-Rex-tremely cool blue colour. It's perfect for sensory and visual stimulation.

At an impressive size of 23 inches, this is perfect for big imaginations.

Suitable for age 3yrs +

Jumbo Blue T-Rex

SKU: TT005

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