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Does your child love to build and construct fascinating towers and structures? Then they will love our Rainbow Architect Set consisting of four geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, arches) nested together with the inner block in each nesting group being a solid 3D shape. Made from beautiful smooth solid beechwood with a natural woodgrain finish in seven different colours, these shape sets will allow your child to unlock their creativity and innovation.

Learning through play, the nesting sets can be used to design and construct towers, houses or sculptures; create homes for small world play people or animals, whilst encouraging and developing mathematical logic to sort pieces into the shapes that match by colour, shape or size; learning the geometric properties of common shapes; exploring size and scale; using mathematical language (larger, smaller, taller, wider) and for improving language skills and descriptive vocabulary.

Try using with our Natural Architect Panel Set!

Rainbow Architect Set - 28 Pieces

SKU: CT016
  • Set includes: 28 wooden shapes in 7 different colours and 4 different geometric shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, arches).
    Size: Largest arch L 14.8cm, largest rectangle H 14.8cm, largest square H 14.8cm, largest triangle H 14.8cm.
    Age: Suitable from 12 months.

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